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5 Week $20 Challenge

For week twelve of the NFL season has initiated the “Fantasy Challenge.”  The challenge consists of a $20 buy-in at by a hand selected regular player know as only “The Player” in this blog.  Each week “the player” will be using the lineup provided to him by to play a number of head to head games. Each week the money will be parlayed into more H2H games, always betting the maximum amount across a small number of games (4 to 8 games per week).

The challenge is to make $500 from the initial $20 buy-in through the final five weeks of the season.

Each week the lineup played will be posted here on the Fantasy Challenge section of the blog when the games kick off. Some weeks that will be on Thursday night and other weeks that will be on Sunday morning, depending on the Thursday matchup and the strategy to use or not use that game.

Here is a week by week best case scenario for the challenge.

Week 1
Games: Four $5 games
Payback potential: $36

Week 2
Games: Two $10 games, three $5 games, and one $1 game
Payback potential: $56.80

Week 3
Games: Five $10 games, one $5 game, and one $1 game
Payback potential: $100.80 

Week 4
Games:: two $25 games, five $10 games
Payback potential: $180.00 

Week 5
Games: two $50 games, two $25 games, three $10 games
Potential payback:  $326  

To protect the randomness of the game, the actual FanDuel players name will be kept anonymous. From here on he will only be referred to as “The Player”.

Stay tuned for weekly updates.