Stay tuned for 10 new Websites…

We are building 10 new websites for Fantasy sports lovers. will be the first to go live over the weekend.

While the name of this website is and the new website will be – these sites are in no way affiliated with or any other Daily Fantasy Sports websites.

While initially started for the purposes of promoting this site is being altered to promote the Daily Fantasy Sports website with GOOD customer service.

As you explore our site here and will read on many sports blogs across the internet in the coming weeks – has incredibly bad customer service.

If you have any accounts of poor customer service please notify us at   We would love only first hand accounts of bad customer service.

We offer this information as a public service announcement for people looking for quality daily Fantasy Sports (Fantasy Football – NFL, Fantasy Basketball – NBA and Fantasy Baseball ML – Fantasy Hockey – NHL, Fantasy College Basketball – NCAA & Fantasy College Football – NCAA).

We highly suggest trying